8-Bit Theater
Episode 1182
A most interesting spell indeed..
A most interesting spell indeed..
Or Maybe Gas
Date Published Thursday, October 8, 2009
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Say your prayers and die already...

Cast Appearing[]


  • The forest near the Temple of Fiends


Black Mage Can you give us a moment?
Chaos I am a yawning chasm from before the before; the darkness after the end of all things. I am nothing and no thing is eternal.
Black Mage Okay.
The team gets a moment of silence.
Black Mage Does that answer my question?
Chaos Time is irrelevant. Take as much of it as you like. All things return to Chaos, in the end.
Black Mage We're cool.
Red Mage There's one small but also huge problem vis a vis, us doing the killing of Chaos.
Red Mage Namely: Sarda de-leveled us, but we don't know how many levels we lost.
Black Mage I am willing to entertain your idiotic notion of how reality works if it'll get you to the point faster.
Red Mage In layman's terms, we know we lost the fancy abilities that came with our class changes, but we don't know what else we've lost.
Black Mage Well, cast something!
Red Mage farts.
Black Mage What was that?
Red Mage The sound of us dying in one round.