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Episode 1185
At least this time paradox makes more sense
At least this time paradox makes more sense
Date Published Wednesday, October 17th, 2009
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The Light Warriors have created a time paradox!

Cast Appearing[]


  • The forest near the Temple of Fiends


Red Mage Wait a second!
Red Mage We've nothing to fear!
Black Mage Is it because we're so beyond screwed that fearing it is a waste of our doomed time?
Red Mage No, it's because Chaos already lost!
Black Mage Uh, is this based on the exact opposite of all available evidence?
Red Mage No. It's based on the opposite of that.
We know Chaos can't win because it would end everything, get it?!
Black Mage Yes. That's the thing that will kill us.
Welcome to five minutes ago.
Red Mage No, no. See, there'd be not future, so Kid Sarda won't grow up into Jackass Sarda and go back in time where he (and we) accidentally bring Chaos into reality to destroy it.
Black Mage Okay, and?
Red Mage And we know how the future happens because we know how the past happened so we already know Chaos doesn't win!
Chaos Oh, boo hoo, I better not create a temporal paradox!
Chaos That'd be terrible.
Chaos I would hate it if everything was destroyed exactly the way I want to destroy everything.


  • This comic was released on Saturday rather then on Thursday as Brian's cat Kurt was sick.
  • The temporal time paradox here references the one from the original Final Fantasy.