8-Bit Theater
Episode 1190
This could probably be the catchphrase for the Warriors of Light
This could probably be the catchphrase for the Warriors of Light
The Most Complete Quest Ever
Date Published November 12th 2009
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Cast Appearing[]


  • A city


Thief Here ya go. One miracle cure in the form of Faerie Wings. Ta-da!
Gullible Man Looks a bit baby to me.
Thief Don't be stupid and ugly.
Of course it's a Faerie. It's got wings.
Gullible Man How do I know you didn't just steal a baby and glue Faerie Wings to it?
Thief If we already had a real Faerie, then why would we tear its wings off only to glue them on a baby that we'd have to steal?
Black Mage To inflict the most harm in the least time, duh.
Thief Shut. Up.
Thief Look, do you want to be miracle cured or what?
Gullible Man Actually, my toe doesn't hurt any more, so I don't need to be cur--
Red Mage (Drops the baby in the man's head) Ah! You touched it, that counts! That totally counts! Quest Complete!
Thief Payment accepted. Scatter!
Thief steals the money and the Light Warriors flee.
Gullible Man Wait, my money! Come back!
Gullible Man (As the Light Warrior run away) Your Faerie shat itself!