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Episode 1191
Episode 1191
Fighter was written out of the script, apparently
Redistribution of XP
Date Published November 14th 2009
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More quests on the horizon.

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  • A city


Red MageOkay, after all that planning, teamwork, and skill use, I bet we nearly got all of our levels back.
Red MageLet's check the ol' character sheet…
Shows a character sheet that says:

Character Name: Red Mage!

Class and Level: Crimson Magus 50XP/1,000XP

Alignment: Lawful Amazing

Religion: Okay

Red MageOh, what? c'mon!
Black MageOutlook not so good through the wholly fictional lens you view reality, Red Mage?
Red MageWe're gonna have to kidnap a lot of babies.
ThiefThat's fine, it gives me time to deposit my new huge bag of money.
Red MageThe world will end in less than 24 hours, Thief. Who cares about money?
ThiefI don't know what you guys have in mind, but I'm going to stay rich and opulent in the end times.
Red MageAre you joking?
Black MageDay-to-day survival will be the only thing anyone cares about.
Black MageMoney wouldn't be worth the act of picking it up.
Red MageA dirt farmer with a plow would be the richest man in the world because he could make food.
ThiefWealth that belongs those who make it? Great Elf in the Sky…
ThiefWe must stop this horrible future no matter the cost!
so long as said cost remains on the backs of the poor.


  • The original comic has a grammatical error: Red Mage says "The world will end in less than 24 hours, Thief who cares about money?" when it should be "The world will end in less than 24 hours, Thief. Who cares about money?"
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