8-Bit Theater
Episode 1192
Fighter comes back after a long hibernation
Fighter comes back after a long hibernation
Date Published November 16th 2009
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Another quest scored by the Light Warriors.

Cast Appearing[]


  • A city


Black Mage I don't see how we can find enough babies, Faeries, or trivial injuries to pull this off in the time allotted.
Black Mage I like the plan - because I hate babies, Faeries, and people - but it's not looking good for us.
Red Mage Maybe we're trying too hard.
Thief We've never done that and you goddamn know it.
Red Mage Well, yeah. But I mean, maybe we can't make our own quests.
We have to find them out there in the world. Roaming free, pure, beautiful.
Black Mage shoots a look to Thief.
Black Mage That got a little weird at the end.
Fighter Guys, guys, guys! I did a good thing!
I found a quest.
Red Mage Fantastic!
Fighter All we have to do is help this lady find her baby and kill the terrible people who took it from her!
Red Mage and Black Mage look down
Red Mage Awkward.
Thief No, I have an idea.
And so…
Guard Sir, is that your baby?
Gullible Man It most certainly is not.
The Guard skewers the man while the mother walks away with her baby.
Red Mage (While high-fiving Black Mage and Thief) Quest complete!