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Episode 1193
Episode 1193
It's not like the Light Warriors haven't crushed mortally wounded people before
Date Published November 18th 2009
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Thief recaps their journey.

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  • A city


ThiefThis damn town can't be tapped out of quests yet.
FighterThere's that mortally wounded guy. I bet he needs help.
Thief(While standing on the mortally wounded guy) Who?
Fighter(Looking down) The guy you're standing on.
Gullible ManGHK
ThiefNo, he's fine. How'd this happen to us?
Black MageWell, techically, I think we happened to him.
ThiefNo, I mean this scrounging for quests.
We were kings of a city!
Melmond or something. I don't know.
All human mud towns look alike.
ThiefWe ran the town from its vast criminal underground to its guards.
Red MageYeah, for like, fifteen minutes.
Black MageYou're right. Turning that town into a smoking hole was one of the coolest things I've ever done.
ThiefLook at us now.
ThiefWe're not even fit to murder a hobo.
How are we going to save aristocracy from the poor?
Red MageYou mean "the world from destruction".
ThiefThat's what I said.
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