8-Bit Theater
Episode 1194
The Importance of Teamwork
Date Published November 21th 2009
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Innocent people die.

Cast Appearing[]


  • A city


A man and a woman stand silently on a street.
Black Mage (Comes flying in with two knifes) Ya-ha!
Man (Stabbed by Black Mage) AAAAAAAAAHHH
Woman What have you done?
Black Mage Saved your life, lady.
He was a monster.
Woman He didn't…didn't look like a monster.
Black Mage I'll prove it to you.
Black Mage When I carve his mask off he'll look totally gross.
The woman flees.
Black Mage (As Thief and Red Mage come in) I swear, it's like these people don't even want us to save the world.
Red Mage Okay, new rule. No more splitting up.