8-Bit Theater
Episode 1195
Money makes the world go 'round!
Money makes the world go 'round!
Equipped for the Job
Date Published November 24th 2009
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The Light Warriors set off on their quest to buy stuff.

Cast Appearing[]


  • A city


Red Mage Guys, we're going about this all wrong!
Black Mage So, par for the course.
Red Mage We don't need to level up!
Thief Because it's a ridiculous fantasy?
Red Mage No, the designers never imagined that low-level characters would have access to vast, vast, fortunes!
Red Mage We can just buy the best equipment and be as powerful as ever!
Thief What vast fortune are we taking about?
Red Mage Y'know.
From our adventures.
Thief (Looks down) How can I explain to you that I did not travel the world robbing it of its treasures just to turn around and hand them back to a bunch of rubes?
Thief (Points at Red Mage) Oh, wait. That explained it fine.
Red Mage Spend a small portion of you riches now and get many more riches when you're heralded as the savior of the world.
Thief Savior…
Red Mage People love saviors. Love 'em.
Thief That could work for me.