8-Bit Theater
Episode 1197
I think he stole Thief's Super Ultra Fine Print
I think he stole Thief's Super Ultra Fine Print
Magic Shop
Date Published November 28th 2009
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The Light Warrior's quest to buy stuff fails. Again…

Cast Appearing[]


  • A city's weapon shop


Red Mage And then put ever-burning double Mega Vorpal enhancements on the lot.
Magic Seller Oh, a fine choice, sir, a fine choice.
Red Mage So…you've got all that in stock.
Magic Seller Oh my, yes. I'll have to do the enchantments of course.
Red Mage Well, of course.
Magic Seller Which must make you ask why a wizard powerful enough to impart those incredible magical effects would spend his final days in a dank shop.
Red Mage Not really.
Thief Don't care.
Black Mage Hate you, hate you, hate you.
Fighter It's not dank in here.
Magic Seller I suppose to truly understand my choice you'd need an encyclopedic knowledge of my entire life. So, let's begin.
Red Mage Uh, sir? We don't have time for this, actually.
Magic Seller Oh, but you do.
Enhancing all those weapons will take me seven weeks or so.
Red Mage Seven weeks?
Magic Seller Seven weeks.
And also three years.
Red Mage What?!
Magic Seller Refining two accuracy gems alone will take several months.
And Mega Vorpal enhancement, well those things don't grow on trees, y'know.
Magic Seller Though I wish they did sometimes!
Then again, I'd be out of a job, so life is a balance.
Red Mage We already left, you old buzzard!