8-Bit Theater
Episode 119
Sara needs a shave
Sara needs a shave
I Drew it Myself
Date Published Monday, February 18th, 2002
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Garland has a lot of explaining to do.

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Garland hands the real speech to Sara.
Garland See? Considering what I had to work with, I'd say I did an excellent job.
Sara (reading the speech) Yes. An excellent job.
The real speech reads:-

Villainy Instructions
by Evil Princess Sara

"I, Garland, destroyer of
souls, will be as an endless
plague upon your lands.

Below the script is a drawing of Sara with a moustache and big eyebrows drawn on her. The word Dur! is written just to the left of her. A small signature saying "By Impo Impicasso" is there also.

Sara Would you mind explaining this?
Sara hands the speech back to Garland.
Garland (reading the speech) B-but but I... this, this isn't. How?!
Sara Needless to say, you will be punished in a severe and blood-curdling manner, and I mean that literally.
Garland I don't get it! This wasn't here before! It was a death threat directed at me!
Sara But your punishment will have to wait until we dispatch these "heroes".
Garland It's impossible! What could've happened to that pap--

That laughter! It--it can't be!

But it is!

Garland runs out of the dungeon screaming.
Sara (To Light Warriors) I'll be back with your doom in just a moment.
Sara leaves the dungeon.
Black Mage 'Kay