8-Bit Theater
Episode 1200
It seems like the spells cost almost as much as the ones in Gaia now
It seems like the spells cost almost as much as the ones in Gaia now
Shack Sounds Too Cheap
Date Published December 5th, 2009
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Black Mage and the shopkeep talk. Little is accomplished.

Cast Appearing[]


  • A dark, musty magic shop
  • Somewhere else


Magic Seller Your license.
Magic Seller As you obviously know from all those ethics courses at the wizardry school you must've attended…
Black Mage Yes. Uh, the ethics. I learned all about those. During my school.
Magic Seller …We can't grant access to these monstrously powerful spells to any ol' Joe Jerk off the street.
Cut to somewhere else…
Business Loaner Mr. Jerk?
Joe Jerk Sorry, I was thinking about how I wish I could cast spells.
Business Loaner Yes, well we must complete this business loan paperwork.
Joe Jerk Yes, of course. Please go on.
Business Loaner Now then, are we calling it The Jerkin Hut or Joe's Jerkin Shack?.
Cut back to the shop
Black Mage What if I said my license is in my other robes and also that's a very plausible thing that could happen to anyone?
Magic Seller A remarkably common problem among Mages in these parts.
That'll be thirty million gil.
Black Mage No, that's stupid and you're stupid.
Magic Seller These are incredibly rare spells, sir.
Magic Seller We're lucky to see one wizard in a generation able to cast their kind.
Black Mage You whole business plan is to serve as many as one person every thirty-ish years?
Magic Seller Were it not for Doomsday scenarios and the Legendary Warrior troups who fight them I'd have to abandon my ridiculous way of life.