8-Bit Theater
Episode 1202
Seems like the Real Light Warriors are all fluff
Seems like the Real Light Warriors are all fluff
So, that’s where they’ve been.
Date Published December 10th, 2009
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More people are exploited!

Cast Appearing[]


  • A city


Ninja What a harrowing adventure we had.
Red Wizard We fell through to the outer planes where we consequently saved the enitre multiverse from being split asunder by a super-intelligent rift in time.
White Mage Yet none here so much as suspect their lives were in danger of any kind.
Warrior Or that we saved them from certain death.
Red Wizard That is the hero's lot in life.
Ours is not a path to glory, but a path of sacrifice so others may not have to.
Red Wizard (All of the Real Light Warriors pull out various weapons) Also it's a path littered obscenely powerful artifacts woven from the very tapestry of creation!
Warrior And now we shall use those weapons to forge an era of peace and order!
Warrior You there, citizen! What dire threats be there to our kingdom?
Thief (Wearing a ridiculous drag outfit) Oh, it's terrible, just terrible!
Thief This band of thieves steals everything you own and then uses amnesia dust on you so have no idea what happened!
Ninja Shock!
Warrior Dismay!
Five minutes later…
Thief (While the Light Warriors carry away the weapons) And that's how you get it done.
Red Mage Think we used too much?
Black Mage No such thing.
Warrior Let us begin our grand adventure! Barry, you had everyone's weapons.