8-Bit Theater
Episode 1204
Episode 1204
Fighter is still compensating for his roughly six lines over the past 500 comics by being smart
Chew On That
Date Published December 15th, 2009
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The Light Warriors learn the origin of the weapons.

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  • A city


ThiefIt's obvious what's going on. There weapons are enchanted against beauty.
Red MageAs well as incredible intellect.
Black MageIncluding non-imaginary intellects. Also hygiene.
FighterMy theory was that these were weapons cast in the great forge of the heavens by Smithiel himself.
FighterBut you guys must be right because weapons like that would harm evil people who try to wield them.
And we're all heroes.
Red MageBig time.
Black MageSmithiel? Really?
FighterWhat else would his name be?
Smithiel(Cut to Smithiel) Double mint to my friends
Black MageThat…what?
Fighter'Cause he's a big red.
SmithielIt's gum humor.
Black Mage(Makes a face) Stop using that voice!
OrbitWhat's his problem?
SmithielNo idea, orbit.
Fighter'Cause of the trident, you see.
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