8-Bit Theater
Episode 1205
Episode 1205
It looks like Fighter's talking quota has been meet. Now he won't talk for another 50 comics!
Just Dessert
Date Published December 17th, 2009
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Fighter is covered in weapons.

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  • A city


Red MageHang on to your asses and behold my latest creation!
Fighter is covered with all the weapons.
ThiefThere's nothing to behold.
Black MageYeah, we watched to you make it.
ThiefAnd he looks as dumb as we told you he would.
Black MageBut on the bright side, it's like Fighter's gone.
Red MageOh, he's in there.
Red MageSomewhere…
Red MageAll we have to do is march him right up to Chaos and let the fireworks fly!
Red MageOr we roll him right up to Chaos and then let the fireworks fly!
ThiefWe're gonna get snowcones while you do that, mkay?
Black Mage(Leaving with Thief) Let us know how it goes.
Red MageSnow cones?
Red Mage leaves. Fighter is alone.


  • "Snowcones" is spelled both as "snowcones" and as "snow cones".
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