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Episode 1206
Episode 1206
The Light Warriors receives their snowcones snow cones sno-cones no cones
The Royal Treatment
Date Published December 19th, 2009
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Thief and Black Mage buy…something that's not a snowcone from King Steve.

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  • A city, near a snow cone vendor


Black MageTwo snowcones please.
King SteveHow grand!
Black MageAren't you the king?
ThiefAnd isn't it your fault we were sent out into the world where everything we've done has significantly contributed to its doom?
King SteveHeavens no. I've been too busy coordinating absurd wars to do anything like that. Probably.
King SteveNow, how about those sno-cones.
Black Mage(He and Thief receive blocks of ice.) What is this?
King SteveIt's no cone!
ThiefIt's a cube.
King SteveOh, no. That's a common misconception. It's a stube.
ThiefA what?
King SteveThe seven-sided cube. I invented it.
Black MageThere are only six sides.
King SteveThe seventh side is the inside.
ThiefHe's got us there.


  • "Snowcones" is spelled both as "snowcones" and as "sno-cones".
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