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Episode 1207
Episode 1207
It's what happens when King Steve owns the magazine
A King Steve’s Kick Ass Publication
Date Published January 5th, 2010
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Red Mage comes for a snowcone.

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  • A city, near a snow cone vendor


Red MageOne snow cone, please, good sir.
Black MageShouldn't you be watching Fighter?
Red MageHe's perfectly safe.
Black MageHe's a weaponized wrecking ball, of course he's safe.
ThiefI thought he was more of a wrecking-ball-ized weapon collection, personally.
Red MageEither way, he's fine and I'm getting a snow cone.
Black MageI'm not concered about Fighter, I'm worried about the idiotic things he'll do while unattended that we'll inevitably get blamed for.
Red Mage(Gets a "stube") What? I didn't order a stube!
ThiefHow in the hell did you know what that was?!
Red MageIt's got seven sides, hasn't it.
Black MageIt's kind of amazing how little that answered the question.
Red MageOh, they had an article on stuboids in the last Inventor's Quarterly.
King SteveIt's the most educational mens' magazine in print!
Shows a picture of a cover of Inventor's Quarterly, which has a woman with a stube on her face.
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