8-Bit Theater
Episode 1208
I can't see your face in my mind... or anywhere else for that matter.
I can't see your face in my mind... or anywhere else for that matter.
What Fighter Did
Date Published January 7th, 2010
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Thief and Black Mage and Red Mage are standing outside, eating their snowcones snow cones sno-cones no-cones ice-stubes as the day goes on. A sped-up montage would have been a nice touch. Yup.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Outside in a city, the inside of an Inn


Thief How are you supposed to eat these things anyway?
Red Mage It's simple. Start with the anti-most bottom side and then work counter up-wise until done.
Close-up of Black Mage
Black Mage That sounded like the dumbest way possible to say "start at the top."
Red Mage I was using proper stube terminology. The top merely appears to be the top when seven-sided cubes are projected into regular space.
Panel pans to the right to reveal an empty space
Black Mage Oh look, Fighter's gone. I'm surprised to learn this.
Red Mage He can't have gotten far away.
Meanwhile, quite far...
The scene shifts to the inside of a well-lit inn
Inn Keeper Would you like a room, sir?
Fighter It's very cramped in here, so yes, I could use some room. Thank you!
Inn Keeper So... more than one then sir?
Fighter Sure, whatever y'got.
Back onto the streets, it has gotten quite dark that it slightly obscures the characters and their unfinished stubes
Black Mage I don't even have to ask who, how, or why.