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Episode 1209
Episode 1209
Doomity doom doom of doom
Pep Talk Of Doom
Date Published January 9th, 2010
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Red Mage, Thief, and Black Mage talk about the current state of the world. Fighter continues to bargain with the innkeeper.

Cast AppearingEdit


  • The outdoors of a city at night
  • Inside of an inn


Red MageIt's only night time. It's not the end of the world.
Black MageNo, but we're closer to it than we were!
Red MageWhat do you care? You hate the world and everyone in it.
ThiefShouldn't you be happy it's all going to burn?
Black Mage looks down
Black MageI wanted to be the one to do it.
Red MageNo one can say you haven't significantly contributed to the end of all things.
Black MageBut I won't be the arrow that pierces the quivering heart of everything that lives.
ThiefOh, Black Mage
Red MageMaybe you're not the arrow, but your life has been the slow and inevitable draw of that bow.
Black MageYou mean it?
Red MageYes.
ThiefDefinitely. Hell, I'm surprised creation has lasted this long with you active in it.
Black MageYou guys are almost as good to me as I deserve.
FighterI still don't feel like I have enough room.
Inn KeeperYou reserved every available room we have.
But I believe we can arrange something for you, sir.


  • The innkeeper's line has a minor grammatical error. Originally, the line read "You reserved every available room, we have." with an extra comma.
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