8-Bit Theater
Episode 1210
The horrible truth of 8BT: one good twist deserves another.
The horrible truth of 8BT: one good twist deserves another.
Early Mourning
Date Published January 14th, 2010
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It took Red Mage all of ten minutes night to come up with that plan. And it took just two words for it to be unraveled.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Outdoors, in a city, on the corner, by the stop sign, at night in the morning.


The trio of Thief, Red Mage and Black Mage are standing in town in the middle of the night.
Thief This is nothing to panic about. We do some our best work under cover of night.
Red Mage You're right. We've got a good solid eight or nine hours before the sun rises.
Black Mage Plenty of time to find Fighter so he can slay Chaos with his Super Weapons and we can take all the credit.
Beat panel. The scenery suddenly shifts to daylight.
Red Mage I can't decide if this is unfair or exactly what we deserve for being, well, y'know, us.
Thief Technically we're just riding the wave to its inevitable crash It's the whole rest of the world that's getting unfairly punished.
Zoom up to Red Mage.
Red Mage Hmm. A thought occurs.
Red Mage It turned night because Fighter went to an Inn. And now its morning because he went to bed.
Black Mage (does a Zing! pose) You really work double-time to earn that "Brains of the Operations" moniker, don't you RM.
Red Mage But how did he go to bed with those weapons strapped to his body?
Fighter joins the party from the left side of the panel.
Fighter Hey guys!
Black Mage (while holding head in pain) Well, of course all the ultra weapons are gone.


  • Moniker is misspelled as "monicker".