8-Bit Theater
Episode 1211
This pretty much explains itself
This pretty much explains itself
100 Rooms of One’s Own
Date Published January 16th, 2010
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Fighter reappears…but without the weapons.

Cast Appearing[]


  • In the morning, outdoors.


Fighter I didn't give them away, I sold them.
Thief For infinite money each?
Because that's what they're worth.
Red Mage Bot as objects of treasure and instruments that will save the lives of, well, everyone.
Fighter (Looking down) Is infinite gil how much all the rooms at all the inns in the town cost?
Red Mage, Thief and Black Mage look down.
Fighter They kept offering me more room because I was so cramped.
But it was never enough. Until they started talking about putting down pavements.
But why would you insult a sidewalk?
Black Mage That's…what?
Thief So this is what it's like when he makes you too stupid to think.
Black Mage Down pavements…
Black Mage Oh, lord. He means down payments, but he's an idiot.
Black Mage (Raises arms) He finally got enough room when they started taking the priceless artifacts to pay for all the rooms he asked for.
Thief You sold every ancient super weapon of the gods for a room at the inn?
Fighter I'm not an idiot, Thief.
I got every room in the town.
Thief That…that makes it better.