8-Bit Theater
Episode 1213
Your daily dose of non sequitur
Your daily dose of non sequitur
Operation Ballyhoo
Date Published January 23th, 2010
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Red Mage tries to come up with a plan. Nothing really comes of it, as usual.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Outdoors, in a city, in the morning.


Red Mage You can't sacrifice us to Chaos.
You're de-leveled too much to cast anything more harmful than color spray.
Black Mage If I cast it in your face while you walk along the edge of a cliff there's a slim to minor chance you'll fall off!
Thief Well, I won't walk along cliffs, then.
Red Mage Same here.
Fighter Who's Cliff?
Red Mage Let's just keep going.
Black Mage Agreed.
Red Mage Our best bet at this point is to meet Chaos before the appointed hour in a last ditch effort to catch him completely by surprise.
Thief Okay, and then what?
Red Mage And then hope the shock triggers a heart attack.
Black Mage In each of us so we die before he performs an infinity variety of eldrtich tortures upon us?
Red Mage No, him.
He has the heart attack.
Black Mage Very good.
Let's call that Plan Suck.
Red Mage Hey, that operation title's no coincidence! It's intended to be an insult.
Black Mage Damn, I warned the boys down in cryptography you were getting close. But it's too late now!
You cracked the code.