8-Bit Theater
Episode 1215
Sadly, this is probably the best plan he's up with.
Sadly, this is probably the best plan he's up with.
So Stupid It’s Brilliant
Date Published January 30th, 2010
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Red Mage comes up with a new (strangely logical) plan.

Cast Appearing[]


  • Outdoors, in a city, some time after noon.


Red Mage We're going about this whole Chaos thing the wrong way.
Black Mage Why break the tradition now?
Red Mage (Close up) No, no. Seriously.
Red Mage We can't out-fight him. We can't out-cast him, and we we can't out-think him.
But we can out-stupid him.
Fighter How?
Thief So, we just point, uh him at Chaos and…
Red Mage And win.
Black Mage (Close up, gesturing with hand) It's the same principle as our ancient mega weapons plan, but with talking.
Red Mage Yes
Instead of draining Chaos of hit points, we'll drain him of intelligence until he forgets how to breathe.
Thief Chaos breathes?
Red Mage Who cares?
He'll be too dumb to know he can't suffocate and we win!
Thief Okay, I'm excited about this plan.
Black Mage (Looking down, gesturing) Yeah, it hardly seems like suicide at all.
Fighter (Close up, looking puzzled) Point who at what?