8-Bit Theater
Episode 1216
Episode 1216
Famous last words
Almost The Right Idea
Date Published February 2th, 2010
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Of course, the good plan could not last.

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Red MageOkay, Chaos is just over there.
Red MageNow, keep in mind, he's beyond our feeble mortal understanding.
His mind is as alien to as ours are to a rock
We must approach him with the utmost caution.
Red MageOur only hope is not to provoke him into a random act of catastrophe by--
ThiefWhere's Fighter?
Black MageMan, why do you even have to ask?
ChaosGood morning, Fighter
FighterWell, hey Mr. Doombringer!
ChaosOh, please. No need to be so formal.
Just call me Chaos.
FighterYou're a cool guy, Chaos.
ChaosYes, I know.
FighterI thought you'd be, like, way scarier.
ChaosI'm a multi-dimensional demon head that grew out of the neck of your mentor! And secret worst enemy!
FighterYeah, no. That's scary. I just thought, I dunno, you'd be scary.
ChaosYou want to see scary?
Red MageTo be fair, it was a great plan until it involved Fighter.
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