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Episode 1217
Episode 1217
Well, at least the body matches the head now. It looked kinda weird on Sarda's body.
The Gift of Fear
Date Published February 7th, 2010
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Chaos reveals his true form!

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Chaos has transformed into a huge monster. He keeps his head, though.
FighterWell, that's not really scary so much as it is huge.
ChaosI could rip the world asunder with naught but my dread hands!
Fighter(Looking down) Yeah, that'd be scary.
FighterBut then we'd be too dead, to be scared by it. Y'know?
This is harder than I thought.
Red Mage(Him and Thief pick up Fighter and carry him away) Excuse us, Mr. Chaos.
ChaosSure. Take your time.
P.S. Tick tock.
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