8-Bit Theater
Episode 1218
That's a double mind-screw for ya.
That's a double mind-screw for ya.
Sympathy for the Devil
Date Published February 9th, 2010
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Secretly they could have all been creating Chaos this entire time.

Cast Appearing[]



Thief (Wincing in pain) What were you doing?
Fighter (Looks inquisitive) Having a quite pleasant conversation. Until I was over here somehow.
Thief (Close-up) You were supposed to destroy his mind. Not make friends!
Fighter (Still inquisitizing) He seemed nice.
Red Mage (Raising arms) Nice?!
Fighter Kinda lonely.
Black Mage (Raising arms) Well, you compansionshipped him from a weird dimension head growing out of the neck of a guy we hated to a giant world-killer.
Beat panel that's a close-up of Fighter
Fighter Yeah, it seemed to have really improved his mood.
Sometimes just talking to someone can make all the difference in their day.
Red Mage (Arm-raising again) But we're not here to help Chaos!!
Black Mage Speak for yourself.
Black Mage (Turning his head away) Uh.
Black Mage (Looking down and gesturing as if to speak) Hmmm...
Black Mage (Zing-pose) Ah-ha!
Most of us are not here to help Chaos
(lower-voice) Secretly, I could mean any of us.
Red Mage (Zoom in, wincing in pain) We know it's you!


  • Actually shown in the image, Thief asks Fighter to destry Chaos' mind.