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Episode 1219
Episode 1219
I think this one speaks for itself
Date Published February 13th, 2010
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The Light Warriors talk about the world becoming cake.

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Red MageChaos represents the death of everything there is.
Yourself included.
Why in the world would you want to help him?
Black MageWay I see it, yes, Chaos is the embodiment of all suffering and destruction.
Black MageBut he's also the wildcard of the natural forces. Chaos!
Black MageDude gave us 24 hours for basically no reason!
Who knows what he'll do next? Okay, sure, he'll destroy the world.
But maybe he'll turn it into cake.
Black MageOr fire.
Black MageBut I figure there's more kinds of cake than fire, so the odds are actually in my favor.
Red MageEven I know that's a dumb plan. A dumb, dumb, plan.
FighterWait! What if it's a cake you don't like?
Black MageHadn't thought of that.
FighterOr a good cake, but poorly made.
Black MageEr, uh…
FighterOr a good cake made well…out of deadly poison.
Black MageThis is a much more complex issue than I had originally given it credit for.
ThiefNo shit.
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