8-Bit Theater
Episode 1220
It's not even April 1st and we're doing the Omega Contingency?
It's not even April 1st and we're doing the Omega Contingency?
Date Published February 17th, 2010
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Fighter made sense again. It must be the end of the world.

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Fighter Or an eclair made of rocks and mud?
Black Mage (Holding head) Fighter! We get it, okay?
There are many facets to the proposed pastrylogical singularity.
Black Mage turns his head away for a moment as Fighter speaks.
Fighter And keep in mind I haven't even gotten to the muffins!
Or cupcakes. Or are those a subset of muffins? We'll need a committee to investigate that.
Black Mage (Close up, raising arms) This conversation is so far beyond over, why are we still stuck in it?!
Thief You're the one who brought up "cake."
Black Mage I didn't expect it to turn into a thing.
Black Mage (Gesturing) But, no, you're right. I'm to blame for this.
Black Mage (Gesturing more) I, more than anyone, should have known once an idea gets rattling around in that vast empty head of his, getting it out again is like walking into a church without murdering everyone inside of it.
Black Mage (Face contorts, begins making hadoken motions) Stalking from pew to pew, loosing fire spell after fire spell into their pious flesh.
"Ooh, how could our gods let this happen to us they'd wail.
"Take it up with them yourself," I'll say.
Thief You've thought about this.
Red Mage Entirely too much, actually.
A giant flash of light emits from behind Black Mage, in the direction of Chaos. The entire panel is nearly bathed in white.