8-Bit Theater
Episode 1221
Too bad Cleric's dead not worth talking about anymore
Too bad Cleric's dead not worth talking about anymore
Longest Set Up In Webcomic History
Date Published February 20th, 2010
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And a brick joke comes back to haunt Black Mage.

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Thief What the hell was that?
Red Mage Looked kinda like an impossibly pure white light to me.
Black Mage Wonder if that's why it felt like the heat of a thousand suns burning out my withered, blacked sould like a giant celestial cegarette butt being smushed in my face.
Red Mage Let's check it out despite Black being really weird about it.
Fighter Does Chaos look a little more pile of ashes to anyone else?
Black Mage sneezes and blows the top half of Chaos off.
Red Mage This is our victory. I'm not even going to question it, man.
Fighter Hey, look, guys.
Witnesses to our victory.
White Mage What, witne--No, no, we did this!
Red Mage That's not how I choose to remember it.
White Mage That's because you weren't here when…
White Mage
And Healer
Killed Chaos.
Black Mage takes out the Nintendo Power from Episode 007.
Black Mage Oh, goddammit it.


  • Priest is misspelled preist.
  • The joke was from way back in Episode 7, in which Black Mage responds with incredulity to Nintendo Power's suggestion of beating Final Fantasy with four white mages. White Mage proves him wrong with her party.
  • Clevinger himself has stated that he had the end of the comic planned from the very beginning. And although it's impossible for him to prove it, he always had the idea of four White Mages emerging victorious floating around.
  • This episode actually was the longest set up in Web comic history. It was possibly only bested in time by Ctrl+Alt+Delete's having Ethan die from a time machine related shenanigans. In terms of comic length (not time), Homestuck beats this by around 4000 pages. However, Rich Burlew had the longest setup in real world time, of 13 real-world years with the reappearance of Hilgya in strip 1106 of Order of the Stick.