8-Bit Theater
Episode 1222
Nuh-uh, did too!
Nuh-uh, did too!
One of the Better Singularities
Date Published March 2nd, 2010
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Fighter needs more maps, Healer needs more detail, and Red Mage needs more screen time.

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Black Mage (Deferring to White Mage) How'd you get Chaos back to his Not A Giant Bastard size?
Cut to a few minutes ago.
White Mage (Raising arms and shouting from behind the arm of Giant Bastard Chaos) Chaos! You're too tall!
Back to an unfazed Black Mage.
Black Mage Oh that so did not work.
White Mage So did.
Black Mage Fine, so how'd you defeat him?
Shaman He was the embodiment of all darkness and entropy.
We are masters of light and order.
Do we have to draw you a map?
Fighter Couldn't hurt?
Thief Shhh!
Black Mage (Zoom-up, raising arms) So what, you cast cure 1 until he choked on it?
White Mage There was more to it than that.
Cut to less than a few minutes ago.
Chaos Can we just skip to the part where I kill you?
'Cause I overheard those guys talking and now I've got the craving to start a cakelogical singularity.
Chaos I mean, that's all kinds of crazy, "Oh man, look at the embodiment of Chaos go nuts" thing people expect out of me.
Chaos But they don't expect that.
Though they should. They can't, but they should.
White Mage Chaos, we will stop you.
Chaos You know, I'm talking about turning your world into a pure confectionery strata.
It's a little beyond your ability to influence.