8-Bit Theater
Episode 1223
Wait, did I remember to divide by zero?
Wait, did I remember to divide by zero?
Episode 1223: Make The Truth
Date Published March 9th, 2010
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History is apparently written by bloggers.

Cast Appearing[]



Still reminiscing about the past.
White Mage (Close-up) You are powerless, Chaos.
Chaos No, I'm the opposite of that.
Shaman Your ultimate goal is a universe of pure entropy; a realm without order!
White Mage (Close-up, gesturing with her arm) I submit to you that such a universe would be statistically uniform in composition and therefore it would be ordered!
Also boring.
Chaos stares blankly.
Chaos stares blankly, but in another direction.
Chaos (Writing on a piece of parchment)
Carry the infinity...
Chaos Aww, man.
Back to... the boring present, where the White Mages are parlaying this to a nonplussed Black Mage.
White Mage And then we zapped enough White Magic to bring down a vile god of chaotic energy.
Shaman Which he was.
Healer So, that worked out.
Black Mage looks behind him, where we pan to Red Mage and Thief.
Red Mage (Scratching his head) The way I (choose to) remember it, we did all that stuff.
White Mage But you did not.
Black Mage (Up close, clicking at White Mage) After we tour the medieval talk show circuit to discuss our harrowing adventure to save everything, it'll become the truth anyway.
White Mage (Waving her arms) But I did it! It was my tireless work to guide the new age of Light out of the Darkness!
I gathered heroes to defeat Chaos when it was clear you never would.
Black Mage And we'll always thank you for that. Secretly.
White Mage begins to look annoyed.