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Episode 1224
What have the last 10 years done to you White Mage?
What have the last 10 years done to you White Mage?
Episode 1224: A Legend Is Born
Date Published March 20th, 2010
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The Light Warriors story comes to a close as White Mage gives the credit of defeating Chaos to the Dark Warriors.

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White Mage It's just... it's not fair.
White Mage They didn't merely do nothing to save the world. They are the greatest threat to the safety and happiness of all life as we know it.
White Mage A patch of mold is more deserving of the accolades they'll get because at least mold never burned down a city.
Priest What about fire mold?
White Mage If you're building your town in a fire mold infested swamp, you don't get to complain when the whole thing is destroyed by fire mold.
White Mage Anyway, my point is the Light Warriors are going to reap the benefits of saving the very world they've done nothing but attempt to destroy.
The Dark Warriors come in
Garland Hey, guys. You didn't see any omnipotent superwizards come this way, did you?
We're running away from one and it'd be less than ideal if he came this way.
White Mage starts thinking...
The newspaper headline states Very Real Light Warriors Save World! Definitely Not Some Other Guys; Genocides At Record Low
The other visible articles state Light Warriors Open Chain Restaurants, Also Theme Park and Mana Vein Found; Scientist Baffled and Annoyed by Findings, "I hate this ridiculous fantasy setting."


  • The newspaper in the last panel mentions that King Steve actually succeeded in drilling for mana.