8-Bit Theater
Episode 124
Do the Dew Dunk
Do the Dew Dunk
I'm the Master of 8-bit Perspective
Date Published Monday, March 4th, 2002
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Red Mage has a plan, but will it work? Probably not.

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Red Mage All right, here's the plan, Fighter...
Red Mage turns his head to Figther
Red Mage Fighter!
Fighter My brain feels kinda funny.
Black Mage Probably because it's never gotten blood to it before.
Red Mage Fighter, you've got to listen very, very carefully.
Our very lives depend on you.
Fighter Y'ever notice how--
Black Mage If this has anything to do with swords, I will be stabbing you while we're in the acid.
Fighter ...Nevermind.
Red Mage You've got the best strength stat, Fighter. so we're going to perform a stat check against your strength to see if you can break these ropes with your mighty muscles!
Black Mage Wait. Won't that just accelerate our trip into the acid?
Red Mage To be honest, if the plan has any flaws, it would be that the whole thing really hinges upon a best case scenario in which we manage to avoid the acid.
Black Mage This is the best plan you could come up with?! Even after your alleged boost in intelligence?!
Red Mage Oh heck no. That wore off a while ago. I'm workin' on pure instinct now, baby!
Black Mage Oh sweet zombie Jesus on a pogo-stick, we're screwed.
Sara Are we going to stand around all day, or are we gonna kill them!
Garland Well, I guess it is the villainous thing to do...
Brian Clevinger Will RM's plan work? Will BM stab someone? Stay tuned for answers to these questions and more Saturday!


  • Brian's little monologue is a common cliche among old 1940's to 1960's adventure radio and TV shows.