8-Bit Theater
Episode 126
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That Sounds Like a Personal Problem, BM...
Date Published Tuesday, March 12th, 2002
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The Light Warriors prepare for the great re-roll of the sky.

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Red Mage Well, my plan failed. All we have to look forward to now is the great re-roll in the sky.
Black Mage Fine, I'll bite. It's only the final moments of my life, why shouldn't I waste them with witless blather?
What is a 'great re-roll in the sky' supposed to be?
Red Mage It's what happens when you die.
Black Mage I can only pray to sweet, merciful evil that he won't go into detail about it.
Red Mage There are many names for it... Tartarus, Nieflheim, The Trash. But when you die, your character sheet goes there and you become nothing.
Black Mage I hate you so much right now, evil...
Red Mage The Gods re-roll your stats so they can start over.
In this, we become reborn. Though we may start off with some bonus EXP due to our previous time in the mortal world, we retain no memory of our time here.
White Mage Can I say something real quick, here?
White Mage For the destined saviors of the world, you guys aren't that bright...
Black Mage, just cast a big, horrible, destructive fireball spell so we can get out of here.
Black Mage Well, y'see, the thing of it is... I mean... er...
Fighter He can only do that once every day.
Black Mage Um yeah, but it's uh never been a problem before. I'm always ready!
Yup, nothing wrong with my stamina. Not a thing.
Fighter Hmm, no I'm pretty sure it happens every single time.
Black Mage Shut up, man! I told you, it's glandular! I can't help it!
White Mage I wouldn't touch the subtext of this conversation with a ten inch pole.
Brian Clevinger Too late!