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Episode 127
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A Crisis of Faith
Date Published Wednesday, March 13th, 2002
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The Light Warriors prepare for the great re-roll of the sky.

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GarlandI suppose I shall begin the unnecessarily slow process that will eventually deposit the Light Warriors into our vat of acidic... er... acid.
Black MageThat's not necessary. Really. You can just let us go. We promise not to thwart your schemes.
White MageWhat kind of Light Warrior are you!?
Black MageThe cowardly kind, what's it look like?!
The Light Warriors are slowly lowered towards the acid.
White MageI don't get it...
White MageAll of this has been pre-ordained. We are but playing out the roles given us by the fickle hand of fate. I have been brought up in the church of White Magery knowing this. My entire life has been dedicated to preserving our heritage and our knowledge. I, and I alone, was chosen by our order to combat the great menace--nay--the plague that would beset the world...
White MageAnd yet... here I am. Dangling just a few inches from my own painful and undoubtedly slow demise. Is fate but a guide? Is it something we must overcome? If anything that the elders taught me about the world and our role in it is true... then we must escape! Something, anything, has to happen!
White MagePlease
White MagePlease
White MagePlease
White MagePlease!
White MageDon't let it all be a lie...
White MagePlease
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