8-Bit Theater
Episode 130
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Good ol' Fighter Lookin' Out for His Buddies
Date Published Thursday, March 21st, 2002
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After a episode-long thing, Black Mage has a plan.

Cast Appearing[]



Black Mage Oh, how I pity you... uh pitiful villains right now.
Black Belt Yeah, I'd hate to be in their non-mountain dew soaked shoes.
Black Mage Now is not the time for sarcasm, BB! Now is the time for nefarious action.
Fighter (thinking) Hmm... it looks like Black Mage is up to something. I wonder what it could be...
Sara Oh please. If it'll make you feel better, then go ahead and make your little threat.
It's not as though there's anything you could say at this point that will change the fact that you will soon be corpses.
Black Mage Well, I don't know about that...
Fighter (thinking) Maybe it's a plan that'll get us out of here! I sure hope it involves swords and me. Using the swords, I mean.
Black Mage Because, Ms. Stupid-Face, you forgot to take into account that I can cast devastatingly powerful level 9 spells!
With but the slightest twitch of my magey hands, I could explode you completely dead. And it would be messy. So there.
Sara Damn his beady little eyes! He's got us right where he wants us!
Fighter (thinking) Wait a second, that's not right...
Fighter Don't let him fool ya, lady. He already cast his level 9 spell for the day a while ago. You're still safe.
Sara Ya don't say...
Black Mage Lady, you can kill the rest of us, but I beg of you, let me finish him off! Please!
Sara I'll consider it a last request, okay?
Fighter (thinking) Silly Black Mage. He accidentally lied to the villains. But luckily I remembered that real heroes always tell the truth!


  • The word Devastatingly is misspelled as Devastingly.