8-Bit Theater
Episode 132
You scream, they scream, everyone screams for a good competent villain!
You scream, they scream, everyone screams for a good competent villain!
If You Didn't See It Coming, You Might Be Blind
Date Published Thursday, March 28th, 2002
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Evil Princess Sara makes a hasty exit as the Garland bashing continues.

Cast Appearing[]



Sara Maniacal supervillain: exit stage right.
Garland (out of frame) Oh sweet jeebus, it hurts bad!
Sara runs off to the right.
Black Mage Did you guys hear something strange?
Red Mage (out of frame) Nope.
Fighter (out of frame) Naw.
Thief (out of frame) No.
White Mage (out of frame) Not me.
Fighter (out of frame) Did I already answer...?
Red Mage Actually, I think I might have heard his spleen rupturing.
But that's hardly strange when you consider how brutally he's being beaten.
Black Mage No, that was definitely his spleen.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the castle...
Sara is back dressed in her normal princess costume.
Sara (looking in the mirror) Excellent. Those bumbling Light Warriors will never suspect me.
Sara Well, being a villain was a nice change of pace.
Nothing more to do now than just sit here and wait to be "rescued".
Yup. Just gotta return to my boring ol' life at Corneria Castle.
Two frames pass by...
Sara Urge for villainy rising.


  • Sara's reflection in the mirror is "mirrored" when she turns around instead of reflecting the back of her head.