8-Bit Theater
Episode 133-A
Atrocious! Heinous! Villainy I say!
Atrocious! Heinous! Villainy I say!
But Not A Very Good Psychic If You Didn't See This Instead.
Date Published Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
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White Mage and Black Mage talk about extreme duress.

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Close-up at the poster showing a cat in a coffee mug. It reads:-

Got a bad case of the Mondays?
That's why Lord Chaos invented
Cat Coffee!

White Mage (referring to the poster) We are clearly dealing with a deranged individual.
Fighter and Black Mage walks in.
Fighter (to Black Mage) Blah blah (...) fighting blah blah (...) swords are cool blah blah dragons everywhere theeeeeeeeen blah blah (Give or take a few blahs)
Black Mage Oh thank evil! White Mage is up ahead.
Black Mage Why am I stuck with this nimrod?
White Mage Well, Red Mage and Thief are disposing of the Mountain Dew vat so that no one else finds it and uses its power for the forces of evil...
White Mage And Black Belt is still back there in the guest torture room beating the living bajeezus out of Garland.
White Mage And there is absolutely no chance in any of the thousand hells that I would ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, so much as walk around with you unless under extreme duress.
So you're stuck with Fighter.
Black Mage I see. Now, just how much duress are we talking about?
Like enough to boil a pot of water?
Or enough to kill a rabid elephant?
White Mage If the contents of the entire universe were to collapse into a single point, it still would not be enough duress. I don't like you.
Black Mage surrounds himself with lightning.
Black Mage Wanna test that theory?
One frame passes...
Black Mage (dejected) Sorry.