8-Bit Theater
Episode 137
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Quick, Decisive Action!
Date Published Wednesday, April 10th, 2002
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Black Mage stones Black Belt. Well, one of them.

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Black Mage We had too many Black Belts in here before. Let's just kill one and get on with it.
White Mage What we have here constitutes a major break in causality.
We can't afford to take such a flippant attitude.
Black Mage Blah blah end of the world blah.
White Mage The natural order has been disrupted. This could possibly even alter the fate of our mission! Temporal inversions are not to be taken lightly! There's no telling what sort of impact this act of incredible incompetence on Black Belt prime's part will have on the outcome of our most holy quest.
Black Belt A It's not.
White Mage Plus, it can't be too comfortable to have his consciousness split across time, like this.
Black Belt B It's not.
Black Mage I see your point, White Mage. We must deal with this chronologic catastrophe in a calm and responsible manner. The fate of the universe rests in our hands.
Black Mage (looks at Black Belt A) Now then. you seem to be the closest one.
White Mage Er, I'm not sure that's the best qual--
Black Mage STONE!
Black Mage turns the Black Belt into stone.
Black Mage Now to dispose with the evidence quickly.
Otherwise, White Mage might figure out what I've done and lecture me about temporal ethics.
White Mage I'm right here.
Black Mage turns around and sees White Mage.
Black Mage So you are, so you are.
Y'know, down at the school of Black Magery, we had a saying--
Black Mage runs off with the petrified Black Belt.
White Mage Dammit!