8-Bit Theater
Episode 139
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Back At The Temple Of Fiends
Date Published Monday, April 15th, 2002
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White Mage and Black Belt prepare to leave the other Light Warriors.

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White Mage Well, Black Belt, it looks like our job here is done.
Black Belt Yes. And I've gained a revolutionary new insight into the workings of time and space.
My theories would have reformed all of modern thought!
White Mage would have?
Black Belt Well, Black Mage killed the me from one second in the past, so I've retro-historically forgotten his point of view of the experience.
Black Belt It's given me a headache, but on the bright side at least I'm not dead!
White Mage Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with you.
Black Belt Why's that?
White Mage Never you mind. Anyway, Fighter...
Fighter Yo.
White Mage We must now go our separate ways.
Fighter Aww. I was hoping to talk about swords with Black Belt.
I think Black Mage and company miss out on the subtle nuances of sword-talk.
Black Belt Thanks for the offer, but I'm really more of a nunchuck guy.
Fighter Even better! See, for years I've been lamenting the limitations inherent in sword-play, so one day I went and had the best--
White Mage sets off a smoke bomb. The smoke dissipates after a few frames.
Fighter Um...
White Mage Yeah that was me. Sorry guys. I thought the smoke bomb would last longer.
No more discount ninja supply store for me.
White Mage Farewell, brave Fighter. I'm sure our paths will soon cross once more.
Black Belt and White Mage walk off.
Black Belt Where are we? who are we? Why do I pilot Martial Arts...?
White Mage I'll lead the way if you don't mind, magellan.