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Episode 140
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Date Published Thursday, April 18th, 2002
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Red Mage, Thief and Black Mage make haste. Literally.

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Fighter So I'll just wait here until BM and the others get back.
BM and the others come back.
Black Mage We're back.
Fighter Well that was remarkably quick.
Red Mage Well, I don't like to brag ...not that that'll stop me... but it's a little thing I like to call "Haste".
Black Mage Wait. Do we even have Haste?
Red Mage scribbles on his character sheet.
Red Mage Yes, yes we have.
Black Mage That doesn't make sense!
Hell, we just walked back. There were no spells cast!
Thief Hold on now. As the official leader of the Light Warriors...
...A position I certainly did not earn through treachery...
I feel that it is my responsibility to resolve this dispute.
Thief To wit: it is my sincere belief that looting the brutally slain body of Garland will bring peace to these two warring factions. Especially if he had anything rare and valuable and gem-like tucked away in that suit of armor of his, but especially if that gem-like thing is worth a fortune.
Red Mage But especially if he has some stat boosting items too!
Fighter Or kick ass bladed weapons!
Black Mage What's that got to do with anything?!
Thief Well, we won't know until we find out!
Black Mage It's just not the right thing to do!
Thief Since when would that bother you?
Black Mage Ever since I just figured out that he probably didn't carry a spell book.
Thief That'sa realshame, gottago bye!
Red Mage, Thief and Fighter leave Black Mage behind.
Red Mage (out of frame) Gasp!
Thief (out of frame) Interesting...
Fighter (out of frame) Shiny!
Black Mage Jerks.