8-Bit Theater
Episode 142
If there's something strange In the neighbourhood. Who we gonna call? LIGHT WARRIORS!
If there's something strange
In the neighbourhood.
Who we gonna call?
If You Recognize Both Quotes, You Need To Get Out More Often
Date Published Wednesday, April 24th, 2002
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The Light Warriors ponder over Garland's mysterious disappearance.

Cast Appearing[]



Fighter The obvious question we are presented with here is the following
What would an intergalactic ghost want with yesterday's newspaper?
Black Mage Inter... what are you talking about?
Fighter See, my theory is that aliens from the other side of the galaxy have traveled to our side of the galaxy so they could kidnap Garland and perform all kinds of experiments on him to better understand how to enslave us all!
Fighter I'm pretty sure that "Mr Pibb" and "Dr Pepper" figure rather prominently in this scheme.
Fighter What? It all makes sense. Intergalactic aliens would make the simple mistake of forgetting to put a dot at the end of mister and doctor.
Black Mage (thinking) Kill...
Black Mage gets his dagger out.
Thief (to Red Mage) So anyway, got any real ideas about this?
Fighter Ooh, a quarter!
Fighter ducks to get the quarter and Black Mage narrowly misses Fighter's head.
Red Mage Well, Garland is the villain after--
Black Mage (out of frame) DAMMIT!
Everyone looks at Black Mage, who hides his dagger.
Black Mage What!
Black Mage Er... I mean, I just remembered that um... I left my magic on...
in my house...
where I live.
Thief So you were saying?
Red Mage Basically, since Garland seems to be the main villain, he has certain advantages. Amongst these traits is a sort of naratological imperative. In essence, his defeat today was meaningless, as he'll just appear again, only more powerful next time.
Fighter So we've struck him down only to make him become more powerful than we could possibly imagine?!
Fighter runs off.
Red Mage Shouldn't we go after him?
Black Mage I'm sure he'll be fine.


  • Fighter's first line is a reference to one of Freddie's lines in the Scooby-Doo episode, Spooky Space Kook.
  • His last line is a reference to what Obi-Wan Kenobi says to Darth Vader before dying and disappearing.