8-Bit Theater
Episode 143
Ignore the little man to the right.
Ignore the little man to the right.
Episode 143: I’m Sure She Has No Ulterior Motives
Date Published Saturday, April 27th, 2002
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Fighter finds Evil Good Princess Sara.

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Fighter looks around.
Fighter Wow. I ran really far.
Sara rushes towards Fighter.
Sara One side, red. I've got some Light Warriors to encounter.
Sara I've never seen a group of more pathetic losers in all my life.
Fighter I'm a Light Warrior, lady.
Sara Well that was easy.
Anyway, I've got something to ask you.
Fighter Okay, but I can't guarantee you'll like the answer.
Sara And why is that?
Fighter I dunno. Black Mage just usually goes into a homicidal rage when I say stuff.
Sara Anyway, why has it taken you Light Warriors so long to complete so much as the simplest of tasks?!
Brian Clevinger (in-between panels) Shitty writing!
Fighter I think it mainly has to do with the gross lack of swords by my companions.
Sara I see. So you're saying there's a lack of suitable equipment then?
Sara While we're on the subject, can you think of any other easily exploitable weaknesses?
Fighter You mean other than our almost pathological inability to trust one another?
Fighter Or the fact that BM, RM, and Thief are so busy trying to screw us all over that we can't really function in combat?
Fighter (stretching his arms out) Then, yes, I'd say our easily exploitable weaknesses are thiiiiiiiiiiiiis big.
Sara Does that estimation include your own stupidity and gullibility?
Fighter Heck no!
Sara (out of frame) Then please go on...
Sara is writing down notes on a scroll.
Fighter Sure! But what are you writing down?
Sara Just making some notes on an unrelated matter.
Fighter We really ought to talk to my friends about this stuff too.
Sara That won't be necessary, I'm sure you can tell me everything I need to know.