8-Bit Theater
Episode 152
They should have taken the help.
They should have taken the help.
And Then There Were Two. Or Three.
Date Published Friday, May 24th, 2002
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The Light Warriors plan to kill the Giant off.

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Script[edit | edit source]

Black Mage and Thief are still out of it.
Red Mage (to Fighter) Okay, now let me make sure I've got this straight.
We're up against a giant who has managed to take out 50% of our team with little effort.
And now you and I have to brainstorm an ingenious plan of attack.
Sara (Zoom-up) Ahem. I am here too, y'know. I could help with your little attack plan.
Seems like you need the help, really...
Red Mage Please, Princess Sara. The Light Warriors are talking now.
Sara (Zoom-up, facing away with an annoyed look) You'd better hope to whatever God you follow that this giant kills you before I have the chance to do it more painfully.
Fighter Did you say something, Princess Sara?
Sara (Smiling to Fighter) Oh heavens no.
What could I possibly contribute to your man-talk.
Dark clouds are gathering behind Princess Sara.
Sara (Zoom-up, aside again) Other than logic, reason, and a clear and decisive path to certain victory, but I'm sure you nimrods have enough testosterone to headbutt your way through to something not entirely unlike success.
Red Mage So. Any thoughts, Fighter?
Fighter thinks for a while.
Fighter That's a trick question, right?
Sara looks annoyed. Again.
Red Mage A trick question?
Red Mage That's brilliant! Somethimes I think your massive intelligence penalties are so immense that they fold in upon themselves and transform into stat bonuses!
Fighter Well, I don't like to brag...
Red Mage I hope this giant has the name of a good doctor. A giant one. 'Cause I'm about to put the hurt on.
Sara We are so doomed.
Red Mage No, wait. Change my taunt to, "I hope this giant's insurance is all paid up, 'cause it's thwacky time!"
Sara "Thwacky time"? Do you listen to yourself?
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