8-Bit Theater
Episode 157
The origins of slang
The origins of slang
Back in Corneria…
Date Published Wednesday, June 5th, 2002
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King Steve shoots the messenger, or rather have some guard to do it for him.


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And so the Light Warriors continued to make their way back to corneria...
Sara is seen dragging the knocked-out Light Warriors with a rope through Imp Forest.
Look, the point is they got back to Corneria. It doesn't matter how they did it.
Speaking of Corneria, lookie there!
Now look closer.
Closer still!
In that window!
There, King Steve, the ruler of all Corneria, patiently awaits any news about his kidnapped daughter...
A messenger arrives in the Throne Room.
Messenger Sire! I bring news of Princess Sara's fate!
King Steve Pray, good sir. Tell unto me that which you know of my imperiled progeny!
Messenger Our scouts and the rangers hired from the elven lands have been scouring the countryside, yet they have found no trace of Sara or the Light Warriors.
Cut to the scouts in Imp Forest.
Scout 1 I can't believe they're payin' us for this!
Scout 2 I am so drunk, man.
Scout 3 Woooo!
Cut back to the throne room at Corneria Castle.
King Steve I see. You realize, of course, that as the bringer of bad news, it is your civic duty to be executed.
Messenger I... er, I was not aware that such a tradition was in practice... uh...
King Steve Oh, I'm kidding! Just a little regal humor for you there. Go on now, off with you.
Messenger Thank you!
Messenger leaves.
King Steve Elite Royal Guard, Hank.
Hank enters.
Hank Yo.
King Steve See to it that the messenger who was just in here is dead before he leaves the castle.
Hank runs out with a harpoon in his hand.
Time passes...
King Steve Did I remember to tell Hank that I was joking?
Cut to Messenger being chased by Hank.