8-Bit Theater
Episode 159
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Getting Our Bearings Straight
Date Published Tuesday, June 11th, 2002
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No giant power here.


Cast Appearing[]


Black Mage Hmmm, Giant Black Mage rains death upon world. I like the sound of that headline. let's see the bleeding heart liberal press cover that one up! that giant was a fool to give us the advantage of scale!
Fighter Black Mage, I don't think we're really giants.
Black Mage Don't be stupid, of course we're giants. it makes perfect sense.
Fighter well according to this, we're in a guest room.
back in Corneria.
Black Mage You're talking crazy. back up, bright eyes, I'll read that.
The sign on the door reads:-

Guest room emergency exit procedure
In case of fire, do your civic duty and stay in your room to keep the halls clear. remember, royalty and chancellors first!'

Black Mage Okay, so we're back at the castle.
but who's to say that we didn't gain giant power in the meantime!
Fighter But why would they have giant-sized rooms at Corneria Castle?
Black Mage Well--
Fighter And how would they have gotten us inside?
Black Mage Maybe--
Fighter And why would--
Black Mage SHUT UP!
I just want to cause devastation on a global scale. Is that so wrong?
Fighter You will someday, BM. I know you will!
Black Mage Awww, heck. You're just sayin' that to make me feel better.
Meanwhile, in the Throne Room...
Sara Well dad, I'm back and I'm not dead. Thought you might like to know.
King Steve Who are you! How did you get in here?! Where's Elite Guard Hank?
Scene switch to forest
Hank Where'd that hapless sucker get off to?
Messenger (hiding) I just wanna go home!
Back to castle
Sara We go through this every time.
Let's start at the beginning. I'm your daughter, Princess Sara. I was kidnapped by Garland....
Lü Bu This comic is inferior to my epic war…uh, epic


Lü Bu originally appeared in the Dynasty Warriors series, where his is usually known as the most powerful character.