8-Bit Theater
Episode 160
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Back Together Again
Date Published Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
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We aren't giants? That's a shock.


Cast Appearing[]


Thief So you're saying that I can get rid of these other thief skills and just keep pick-pockets instead?
Red Mage Yes!
Thief But what if I wanted to steal, say, things that aren't in people's pockets?
Red Mage See, that's the beauty of it!
The words "Forgery", "Open Lock", "Pickpocket", "Knowledge: Thievery" and "Bluff" hover above Red Mage.
Red Mage All of these skills become distilled in the essence that is pickpocketing!
Thief I'm not sure that I follow.
Red Mage It's simple. See, you can still steal all the things you love to steal, only now you'll do it with one skill.
Red Mage Say you wanna rob the first bank of Corneria. Well, if you think about it, what's a bank vault if not a pocket of architectural origin? What to tell the city guard a convincing lie? Just empty the truth pockets of their minds! Opening a lock is no problem at all when you can steal out of its "pocket" within the door!
Thief That has got to be one of the...
Thief ...dumbest ideas I've ever heard.
Red Mage You could save the points from the unused skills and trade them for a super level up to become a ninja.
Thief A ninja huh?
Red Mage Maybe a super Ninja.
Thief (thinks about himself as a ninja) I like the sound of that!
Thief Tell me more of this Super Ninja of which you speak.
Red Mage Well, for one thing, you'll look really cool--
Black Mage enters the room.
Black Mage Hey, morons, let's get a move on before the other moron does something especially moronic.
Oh, and I know what you're thinking, but I can assure you that we are not giants.
Fighter (Hanging from the ceiling) WEEEEE!
Black Mage Oh, what I wouldn't give for a giant Hadoken right now.


  • Thief's ninja suit was originally red, but at the time when Thief was granted a job change to Ninja, Brian Clevinger changed Thief's ninja suit in previous comics to black.