8-Bit Theater
Episode 161
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Just Desserts
Date Published Friday, June 14th, 2002
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Steve thankfully does not show off his strumming prowess.


Cast Appearing[]


Sara ...And that's when you hired the "Light Warriors" to go to the temple of fiends to rescue me. and here I am.
King Steve (while Sara is speaking) Mmhmm. Yes. Oh, I see. Ya don't say...
Sara finishes talking
King Steve Right. Yes. Is that a fact? No! No! Yes? No! My word.
Sara Dad. I finished talking. You can stop pretending to pay attention.
King Steve Whew, I'd never get through those boring talky thingies without that cunning tactic.
Sara You mean those important meetings to discuss policy, law, current events, and so on?
King Steve Call them what you like, stranger, but it won't make them any less boring, or talky, or thingies.
Sara Did you hear anything I just explained to you?
King Steve Yes. Mmhmm, Of course. Right, yes...
Cut to the Light Warriors outside the Throne Room
Thief I wonder what we'll get for saving the princess.
Red Mage Well, there's some historical precedents for this sort of thing--apparently half of princessing is kidnapping--and according to tradition, we get to marry her.
Black Mage But there's four of us, we'd all have to get married!
Red Mage Ew. According to another tradition, the hero(es) get their own parcels of the kingdom to rule.
Thief (holding Thieferia contract) Hm, let's just say that King Steve is in no position to be making such as offer.
Red Mage Well, in that case, I suppose the only option available would be to reward us with untold riches!
Thief All things considered, we really should've gotten the reward in writing.
Fighter I'm sure he'll reward us fine. Now what was that about marrying Princess Sara...?
Cut back to the Throne Room. King Steve is holding a guitar.
Sara Dad, I really think they expect more for rescuing me than your strummin' guitar.
King Steve Pishaw.