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Episode 164
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Prontera Bound
Date Published Monday, June 22nd, 2002
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The Light Warriors leave Corneria almost exactly as they had found it and make way to Prontera.


Cast Appearing[]


And thus, King Steve's Kick Ass Bridge was built.
View of a bridge.
There's already a wreck in the southbound lane.
Cut to Corneria Castle. Light Warriors and King Steve are present.
And then the Light Warriors left.
King Steve Do you have Elfish people in your country too?
Thief You could say that, yea.
Because the alternative was Hell.
Cut to the Light Warriors crossing the bridge.
Fighter Man, traffic is always so bad on the King Steve.
Red Mage
Black Mage
Cut to a wide shot of Corneria. On fire.
King Steve (Distantly, in the castle) Now we can drill for mana anywhere!
Sara Oh, dad.
Red Mage (Nearby, on a hill) Well, it looks like we got out of Corneria just in time.
Black Mage You can hear their screams from here...
Red Mage It's a shame about you losing Theiferia though.
Thief Oh, I don't know. I had a bazillion gil insurance policy on the kingdom.
Black Mage You cunning bastard!
Fighter Well, now what should we do now?
Black Mage I say we get to Prontera before the wind changes and we have to smell the burn victims.
The Light Warriors begin walking through the wilderness.
Red Mage Good call, BM.
Morbid, but a good call all the same.
Black Mage (Closeup with twisted trees in the background) Hey, that's what I'm here for: sage, yet disturbing, advice.
Black Mage (Back to walking) What's so special about this stupid Prontera anyway?
Red Mage It's the capital of the Rune-Midgart kingdom.
Red Mage (Closeup) The city has a cathedral, a Knight's Guild, and a park. There's the Great Annual Arena Tournament that attracts warriors from around the--
Black Mage Okay, okay, Captain Tour Guide. I get it. Sounds like there's a lot to do there.
Red Mage Oh yeah, it's a lot of fun... if you enjoy pointless leveling up. And I do.
Fighter (At the bottom margin of the strip) I wrote Princess Sara a haiku of love. Here it is!

I like swords and I
like sword-chucks but I like you
very, very much!


  • The wide angle of the Light Warriors silhouetted on the bridge mirrors the interlude on the original Final Fantasy (though Corneria isn't on fire in that game)
  • A Haiku is a Japanese "poem" which has lines of five, seven and five syllables respectively