8-Bit Theater
Episode 166
Such a peaceful area
Such a peaceful area
Good Samaritan Laws Are Crap
Date Published Wednesday, June 26th, 2002
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Baphomet goes on a rampage and the Light Warriors discuss Prontera's history.


Cast Appearing[]


Just outside the gates of Prontera.
Villagers (Off panel) My arms are sliced off and now he's going after you!

ARRRRGH, he's stabbing me!

Tsk, well I told you!

Penny, Peter, Paul, Pjoe! Run for it!
Black Mage (Massive "ARRRRRRGH!" in the background behind Black Mage) Wait a second. What the hell kind of name is "Pjoe" anyway?
Villagers I told you to run, why didn't you ru-GHKKKK!
Red Mage Well, it's quite simple, really.

Or rather, it would be simple to anyone with the Lore: Local History or Area Knowledge: Cornerian States skills.

Or, in lieu of those skills per se, perhaps the Jack of All Trades merit.
Red Mage Prontera was founded by the "P-ans."

It's been a Pronteran tradition to give their children P-names so they wouldn't forget their exodus.

But after 500 years, I guess it's just a tradition people follow without thinking about it.
Villagers Look out, he's using laser eye beams!

But we haven't invented lasers yet!
Baphomet We have.
Villagers (KZZZZAT sound) YEAAAURGH!
Baphomet Enough! This method of killing weak, fleshy sacks is too inefficient. I must destroy this wretched city of Prontera and all who dwell in it so that I may be certain that the Light Warriors are no more. Therefore, I shall transform my very essence into raw obliteration to ensure victory!
Baphomet I can only hope those four warriors outside the city gates were telling the truth, else my ultimate sacrifice will be for naught!
Thief Now would be a good time to run for our lives.
Red Mage AGREED!
Black Mage