8-Bit Theater
Episode 168
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Impish Interlude
Date Published Monday, July 1st, 2002
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Catching up with Garland.

Setting[edit | edit source]

Cast Appearing[edit | edit source]

Script[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile, within the deepest, darkest corners of Imp Forest, a force of great evil was exacting its revenge...
Garland (being cooked in a pot) HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!
Forest Imp (many Imps circling the pot and chanting) Hoona Igna Chowa Neha! Hoona Igna Chowa Neha!
What, you didn't really think I was talking about Garland, did you? He's pathetic.
Garland Dear God, it burns!
Black Mage Did you guys hear somethin'?
Thief Naaaaw.
Red Mage
Forest Imp Keeheehee!
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